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Bantam: adj. (1) small, tiny, little (2) spirited, scrappy, tough

Over the years Bantam Group has helped countless entrepreneurs realize their dreams and goals.  The nature of our relationship has varied, and the depth of our involvement has varied, but there has been one consistent theme:  we have routinely had meaningful impact on the company, its direction, and its success. 

Our role is normally that of investor. Whether or not we invest, once we get involved with your venture, our commitment is deep. We take the time to develop a personal relationship with the entrepreneur, and our role is that of mentor, coach, and advocate for the company, its founder, its management team and its shareholders. In most cases, our role is merely advisory... that of catalyst. However, in some cases we have deeper involvement.

Grand VizierA Grand Vizier. By Dr. Martin Groder.

Our goal, in whatever role we have, is to be your trusted advisor, mentor and coach, your consigliore, your Grand Vizier, your advocate.

"Joe Caruso has been a fabulous advisor and mentor and a great friend of Cognika. His keen business sense and understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship have been an important part of getting our startup off the ground. In addition, his amazing circle of contacts has been invaluable."

Shashi Kant - CTO, Cognika