It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping  himself.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Venture Funds

While we primarily invest directly in entrepreneurial companies, we are also a limited partner in a number of venture partnerships. Our relationships with these partnerships allows Bantam to diversify its portfolio and provide valuable recommendations to entrepreneurs seeking investment capital.

By working closely with a variety of venture funds, we are able to help direct you, the entrepreneur, to approach the fund (or funds) most likely to have an interest in your deal. We know their areas of interest; the stage of venture they like; their appetite for deals; and most importantly — their style.

Following are funds in which we are, or have been, a limited partner:

Adams, Harkness & Hill Ventures Masthead Ventures
Add Venture Associates Gold Hill Venture Lending Partners
Arctaris Capital Longworth Ventures
Ascent Venture Partners Material Impact Fund
Atlas Ventures MidAtlantic Venture Funds
Battery Ventures Needham Capital Partners
BOLT Nextview Ventures
Boston Seed One Way Ventures
Brookwood Partners Outlook Ventures
Common Angels Reformation Partners
Commonwealth Ventures Romulus Capital
Construct Capital Silicon Alley Ventures
Corning Venture Partners TechStars
Data Point Capital Walnut Ventures
Eastham Capital Weston Presidio
Fletcher Spaght Ventures Westview Capital Partners
Flybridge Capital Partners XFactor Ventures


In addition to these funds, we have co-invested with dozens of other venture funds and many angel groups around the country.