About Bantam Group


We are all of these…We invest our time, our money, our intellect, and at times (as corny as it sounds)… our soul. We are passionate about seeing our portfolio companies become successful, and dedicated to the concept that entrepreneurs be successful and personally fulfilled. We are committed to keeping your best interests at heart. If you ever see us acting differently, call us on it.



Our investments are not limited to one industry. We are drawn to novel concepts, to big ideas — and we are also attracted to simple, mundane concepts executed with passion.  Our only prerequisites, regardless of market, product, or technology, are that the people we work with be of high integrity, and be candid and sincere in their communications. We seek to engage in business relationships defined by natural rapport and mutual respect, and not relationships based solely on our “roles” in the business.

Our investments have included:

  • Software
  • Web services
  • Materials/semiconductor
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Business services
  • Life Science
  • Retail/consumer

Most of our investments are near greater Boston. We prefer situations where we have a chance to get to know the founder in person, or where we already know board members or other investors close to the company. We’ll make exceptions to this if we have deep knowledge or strong interest in a particular market or technology.

Supporting the entrepreneur

Our role is normally that of investor and advisor. In cases where we develop a personal relationship with the entrepreneur, we also provide additional hands-on services and act as a catalyst to spur growth. In past engagements, our role has been to:

  • Serve as Mentor to the founder(s)
  • Serve as Coach for the management team
  • Be a pro-active advocate for the entrepreneur, the company and its shareholders
  • Provide access to a network of experienced investors, prospective team members, professional service providers, and strategic partners.
  • Structure and negotiate to successful conclusion financings, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions.