Working With Us

Our goal, in whatever role we have, is to be your trusted advisor, mentor and coach — your consigliore, your advocate, your Grand Vizier. We don’t enter any business relationship casually. Whether we are exploring a role as advisor, investor, board member, negotiator, mediator, or deal-maker we first spend time getting to know each other.

We seek out long-term relationships that last several years. We don’t undertake short term projects.

Before we decide to invest or enter another form of business relationship, we will meet with an entrepreneur multiple times. In these meetings:

  • We read your business plan and review your business strategy
  • We discuss your personal goals in launching a venture
  • We talk to people who have worked with you in the past
  • We probe a variety of issues facing you and your business
  • We offer you the same opportunity to get to know us

Only then do we jointly decide whether to proceed.

Once a formal relationship is established, we are always willing to talk, to explore your business issues, to help evaluate your business strategy, and to help identify critical strategic and managerial issues confronting you and your company.

We serve as your advocate and help you achieve your business and personal goals as an entrepreneur. We are “on call” virtually 24X365.